Community Development Program

Community Development Program

KRCIC CDP Case Managers work directly with job seekers to assist and support them with job readiness. Assistance is tailored to each job seekers individual needs and can include:

  • Application for, or renewal of key identity documents (e.g., Birth Certificate);
  • Application for a Learner Drivers Licence;
  • Establishment of a ‘Job Plan’ that documents the jobseekers job/career aspirations and training required to achieve these goals;
  • Support to find appropriate job opportunities, including career expos and networking with potential employers;
  • Assistance with job applications, including preparation and maintenance of a current resume;
  • Assistance to purchase any required PPE and other resource requirements (e.g., tools);
  • Post job placement support for both the new employee and employer, including mentoring and guidance to resolve any issues, and to support the employee to gain skills and confidence in their new role.

About the Community Development Program

The Community Development Program is the Australian Government’s remote employment and community development service. It supports job seekers in remote Australia to build work-like skills, address employment barriers and contribute to their communities through a range of flexible activities. The Community Development Program is designed around the unique social and labour market conditions found in remote Australia and is an essential part of the Government’s agenda for increasing employment and breaking the cycle of welfare dependency in remote Australia.

The overarching object of the Community Development Program is to support services or activities that will have a positive impact on one or more of the Government’s priority areas – employment and economic development – to support connecting working age Australians with real and sustainable jobs.

The Community Development Program also assists remote job seekers to prepare for work, move into work, and stay in work as it becomes available. Where work is not available, job seekers will be engaged in day-to-day activity that helps them to contribute to community aspirations. A key principle of the Community Development Program is that it is community-driven and reflects the needs and aspirations of the local community. The Community Development Program operates differently in each region depending on the needs of jobs seekers, communities and the local labour market.