What We Do


KRCIC’s focus is to provide a service that is culturally appropriate and caters to the needs of Aboriginal people.

  • To provide Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people with work to enhance individual skills for the benefit of the individual and the wider community.
  • Self-management and economic development and to provide work activities that will improve community infrastructure.
  • To empower ATSI people to make decisions about the development of their community.
  • To provide for the direct relief of poverty amongst ATSI people.
  • To provide ATSI people with training to develop skills required to undertake work activities and improve their ability to gain employment in the mainstream labour market.
  • To work with other organisations to promote the interests of ATSI people.
  • To assist community development, capacity building, governance, cohesion, and cultural maintenance through work activities.
  • To ensure the best outcomes for jobseekers and community residents of the Kullarri region.
  • To apply for funds and other grants from any organisation including the Australian and State Governments and to spend those funds or grants consistent with these objectives.
  • To undertake any other activity in support of these objectives, and;
  • To operate and maintain a Gift Fund to be named “Kullarri Regional Communities Indigenous Corporation Gift Fund’ in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Taxation Act 1997.